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      1. Join Our Team: Director, Lean Growth

        Director, Lean Growth

        This position is currently not available, but we are always looking for trail-blazing, super smart, and fun-to-be-around people! We review our hiring needs on a quarterly basis, so feel free to apply and we will reach out when we have an open role in your region.

        We look for approachable, pragmatic, relational, results-focused, experienced and entrepreneurial strategists to bring clients a unique approach to innovation. This is a full-time gig, based in either Cincinnati or Chicago. While most of the clients you’ll work with are HQ’d in the midwest, this role does involve 25-35% travel.

        What you’ll do:

      2. Design and Lead Innovation engagements for Fortune 1000 client teams (Here’s a case story for the type of project you’ll be leading!)
      3. Clarify the business challenge
      4. Design & propose and align with the client team on a smart solution
      5. Lead the team through research, idea generation and idea development and add value throughout the engagement
      6. Build business by networking and pitching business with prospective clients and building relationships with current clients
      7. Coach and develop Strategists, Associate Strategists, and Writers that join the team for specific project engagements
      8. How we’ll know if it’s working out:

      9. Projects are efficient and profitable
      10. Clients that come back because of the value we add (for their business, their organization, and for them personally)
      11. We continue to develop new methods/approaches to innovation challenges
      12. The ideas we help our clients develop make it to market successfully
      13. Things we’re looking for:

      14. Entrepreneurial — get things done; take smart risks; try new approaches
      15. Mandatory: 3-5 years Insights or Marketing experience at a Leading CPG Company or Related (i.e. Product Leader at a Financial Services Company)
      16. Problem Solving/connecting dots in new ways/analog thinking
      17. Proposal/Report writing — succinct, business focused, relevant, “sales-ready”
      18. Strong attention to detail/excellence
      19. Mindset of being Pro-active vs. reactive
      20. Adaptable/flexible
      21. Acts as an “owner” of both our business and our clients’ business
      22. Interested?
        We’re on a mission. A mission to enable corporate teams and brands to innovate and grow like startups.
        And, we’re excited about the growth we’re experiencing and the opportunity we have to add great talent to our team!
        We’re looking for a few trail-blazing, super smart and fun-to-be-around people to join our team! We’re looking for folks that are quick to embrace change, challenge and opportunity.

        Here’s how we’d describe you: You recognize an inefficiency; can define problems well; and then proactively set out to solve them in uber-smart ways. Jumping in to a new space, a new approach or a new constraint gives you energy. If there’s not an existing path, you create one. True partnership with a client team means you equally “own” the integrity of business decisions they are making, and you take that seriously. You strive for pragmatic excellence in everything you do. You learn fast, pay attention to details, invest in relationships and you recognize opportunities to add value for clients, co-workers and anyone else whose path crosses with yours. And, you easily and readily access a bank of experience and knowledge built from curiosity, adventure, hard work and as many failures as successes.

        Bonus if you have a Spotify slow jams playlist and think coffee should be it’s own food group.

        Always looking for trail-blazing, super smart, and fun-to-be-around people! We review our hiring needs on a monthly basis, so feel free to apply and we will reach out when we have an open role in your region.

        If you’re interested in this role in Chicago, please apply with this link.
        If you're interested in this role in Cincinnati, please apply with this link.