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      1. Ann Thompson


        Ann is a strategy powerhouse and visionary leader known for exponentially improving any idea that comes her way. In her 20+ years of relentlessly pursuing growth for her clients, Ann has transformed hundreds of individuals, teams, and companies across all verticals, from P&G to Nike and American Express. Ann is an expert in innovation, research, and growth strategy, and is passionate about people. Her ability to quickly see the big picture, define the problem, and create practical next steps empowers clients to create and achieve their vision. Ann coaches The Garage Group’s team of courageous leaders so they are equipped to transform more BigCos through entrepreneurial leadership, mindsets, and approaches. You’ll find her frequently speaking and writing about business model innovation, strategic research, and market research innovation. She also serves on the Board of Directors for OCEAN and on the Board of Advisors for the Northern Kentucky University Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.