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      1. Courtney Bott
        Senior Director, Lean Growth


        Courtney boldly leads strategic engagements, equipping BigCos with tools and mindsets to develop and test ideas that transform their business. Courtney is a digital marketing thought leader, with a track record of breakthrough innovation and marketing success at P&G and at Scripps, where she served as VP of Digital Marketing. Because of her expertise in dismantling the status quo, as well as her deep empathy and understanding of the challenges facing BigCos, Courtney can effectively coach them in reframing how they approach their business, so they can adopt growth (and digital) mindsets and thrive in this ever-changing market. Through her persistent hustle to grow brands and mindsets, she has helped establish the social media playbook for P&G, infused a new way of thinking in a traditional media organization, and rebranded and marketed top brands like Always and beinggirl.com. Courtney is also an adjunct professor of Digital Marketing at Lake Forest College and consults on innovation, strategy and marketing projects.