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      1. Emily McDonough
        Growth Hacker Intern


        Emily is a powerful and thoughtful storyteller, infusing creativity into everything she touches. From designing the experience of TGG’s next Courageous Minds Only Chat to initiating conversations with BigCo leaders, she strives to add value every step of the way in order to build lasting relationships and convey TGG’s capabilities. During this process, Emily isn’t scared to get her hands dirty. In fact, she is fueled by hard work, and will not stop hustling until she achieves the desired results. She always remains true to her original, spunky self, while ensuring that TGG also remains on brand. This is her third internship, where she brings plenty of consumer and design-driven experience from her past two internships at advertising agencies. After hours, Emily is a third-year marketing student at the University of Cincinnati and President of Lindner Women in Business, a Lindner College of Business Diversity and Inclusion Program.