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      1. Keri Stephens
        Senior Director, Lean Growth


        Keri is a tenacious growth hacker with over 12 years of experience in market strategy, research, and innovation. She’s known for continually hustling to take new ground for clients (and TGG) by growing sales, transforming people, and future-proofing their business. As a market research manager at P&G for nearly a decade, Keri grew some of the world’s biggest CPG brands and challenged mindsets with campaigns including Always’ #LikeAGirl viral video. She’s an expert in Iterative MVP Development and Testing and leads Strategy Sprints and other engagements, with a laser focus on the vision and success of each one. In her relentless pursuit of the latest and greatest techniques, Keri ensures clients are served with the best of what we know. You’ll often find her sourcing and documenting trends to strengthen our thinking, creating team-building experiences, and asking “what are we trying to solve for?” Keri is on the board of the Xavier University Department of Entrepreneurship and is a frequent speaker and writer on lean customer development and business model innovation at Startup Weekend and universities.