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      1. Renee Murphy
        Senior Director of Lean Research


        Renee is a gifted market research innovator who equips and empowers TGG’s team and clients to understand consumers and their needs in smart, cost-effective ways. Renee contributes her deep experience in online research methods to every engagement, scaling the research to ensure the maximum budget goes to doing the strategic work of building and testing new ideas. Renee is the reason TGG consistently delivers a high ROI for research. She not only collaborates with TGG’s research partners, she pioneers new methods to ensure clients are empowered to make intelligent decisions based on tangible evidence of interest–not just consumer opinion. Her innovations include small-scale transactional testing and social media ethnography. In addition to client-facing work, Renee trains and coaches the TGG Associate Strategists to execute our entrepreneurial research methods and integrate them into daily decisions. ?