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      1. Sara Valasek
        Senior Director, Lean Growth


        Sara is a perceptive leader of strategic engagements, empowering BigCos to develop ideas that are strategically matched to consumer and retailer needs. Sara equips clients with new tools and mindsets so they can break free from internal processes and innovate quickly. Sara is a leader in interactive, advocacy, and experiential marketing. Because of her client leadership, expertise in retail, and steadfast hustle Sara has transformed teams in companies like Kellogg’s, PPG, and Kimberly Clark. Over her 15+ year career, Sara has held director positions at large firms like Possible and dunnhumby, which gives her a deep understanding of, and empathy for, the real and challenging problems facing her clients. Her commitment to serving her clients over the long-term elevates every engagement she leads. As a passionate includer, you’ll often find Sara unifying teams during sprints and client engagements. ?